218 Active whitening cream

Depigmenting daily treatment naturally and gently lightening and illuminating.

Blocks the formation of the melanin at the beginning and re-balances it, normalizing the skin colour.

Contains 4 depigmenting and lightening active principles working in synergy.

The application gives immediate comfort, the texture doesn’t dehydrate skin but softens it, enlightening instantly.

Already in the first month of treatment the dark spot lightens visibly and the complexion becomes uniformed and homogeneous.

Absolutely safe, hydroquinone and hormones free, no irritating or dangerous chemical ingredients.


ALFA- ARBUTIN: it represents the most effective, quick and safe agent for skin depigmentation, is a proved cutaneous whitening and illuminating ingredient, it has a depigmenting effect on dark spots; at the same time it is a sure antagonist of cutaneous dyschromia, and acts as an active ingredient for prevention.

EXTRACT OF LIQUORICE ROOT: has an effective whitening and illuminating action on the skin, stopping tyrosinase action on thyroxine.

KOJIC ACID: it hinders the cutaneous pigmentation process, it stops the circuit that aims to the formation of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

AZELAIC ACID: it has a strong anti-dark spots and whitening power with sebum-balancing, smoothing and antibacterial properties.


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